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VLO Open Enrollment 2024

VLO Open Enrollment 2024

As you begin to plan for next school year, consider our Virtual Learning Option as one of your choices.

Open Enrollment 
April 1 - June 1

Looking for a new spin on a great education?

Consider enrolling into our VLO.


This program is free to all TPSS students in grades K - 12. There is no enrollment fee or tuition.

What does this program offer?

  • interact daily with your virual classmates and spend time at your home-based school with events offered; such as clubs, sports, & school dances. It's the best of BOTH worlds!
  • Engage in rigorous curriculum activities with your teachers online daily.
  • Dedicated staff of certified, enthusiastic and committed teachers!
  • Flexibility: Have access to your online classroom from anywhere at anytime. All you need is the computer that Tangischools provides and internet access.
  • Teachers offer assistance via LIVE Zoom lessons, help sessions, and office hours to make sure all students' needs are met.
  • SPED Staff and 504 Coordinators virtually implement IEP's and 504 plans.
  • Virtual Field Trips, science experiments, and design projects promote thinking and creativity.
  • Students learn time management skills and extended use of technology.
  • Remote learning provides a comfortable, safe learning environment for students.

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