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School Principal

Dr. Samantha Austin


On behalf of the entire Lucille Nesom Memorial School faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to
welcome everyone to the 2021-2022 school year. We look forward to working with your
children and watching them emerge into young leaders.  At Nesom, we believe every child
has the ability to learn. Therefore, it is our mission to equip our students with the tools
needed to be productive learners. 

Our TPSS district’s theme this school year is “Committed to Excellence.” It will take “laser
focus” to accomplish our goals of recouping instructional minutes lost over the past year and
a half due to Covid.  We are committed and are truly ready to take on the challenges

We are excited about the new opportunities we will have for our students this year. To
bridge learning gaps, each student will receive interventions during the school day. After
Labor Day, we will offer an after school program similar to our summer camp with music,
social and emotional learning, and STEM activities. In addition, we have updated our library
and have a new librarian, Mrs. Courtney Crozier.  We cannot wait to see our students
engaging in different genres of literature, unlocking their imagination of endless

Lucille Nesom Memorial School will be using PBIS as a positive intervention to promote
good student behavior. Students will be encouraged to download the PBIS app on the
phones or they may access the program on their Chromebooks. Teachers and staff, will
award students daily for displaying our campus expectations of: Be safe, Be responsible,
and Be respectful with a targeted focus on behavior and attendance.  

Parents, we know that we will not be successful without your support. Continue to follow us
on Facebook and our school’s website…and do not forget to sign up for our PTO. We meet
every 2nd Tuesday of the Month. Contact Sandra Towle for more information at

Educationally Yours,
Dr. Samantha M. Austin, Ed.D.
Lucille Nesom Principal

Notable Accomplishments and Achievements

B.A. – Elementary Education (Grades 1-8th) -SLU

M. Ed –Educational Leadership –SLU

Masters +30 – SLU

Ed.D. –Educational Leadership – SLU

Teacher Leader

NISL Program Completion

Certified Class Evaluator (Classroom Assessment Scoring System®)

Contact Information

Office: 985-345-2166