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School Principal

Dr. Samantha Austin


On behalf of the entire Lucille Nesom Memorial School faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2023-2024 school year. We look forward to working with your children and watching them emerge into young leaders.  At Nesom, we believe every child has the ability to learn. Therefore, it is our mission to equip our students with the tools needed to be productive learners.

Our TPSS district’s theme this school year is “Elevate Your Impact.” With this in mind, our focus at Nesom is to narrow the gap in student literacy. Students will be assessed three times during the school year (BOY, MOY, and EOY) to progress monitor and determine appropriate next steps. Students will be engaged in a variety of intervention programs through multiple grouping structures (individual, small group, and whole group).

·         Amira (ELL and struggling readers -K-5th Grade)

·         AR Renaissance Program (K-8th)

·         iReady (3rd -8th)

·         Amplify (K-2nd)

·         Hatch (PreK)

In addition to our focus on literacy, our students have the opportunity to participate in additional interventions that support core instruction in the classrooms: Zearn (Math), IXL (Math, Science and Social Studies). These computer-based programs are accessible at home through cellular phones and/or computer systems. Students are encouraged to utilize these programs at home to promote retention of skills learned during school hours. 

This year to support positive behavior, we will be using Class Dojo as our school-wide parent communication tool and point system (Dojo Points). Class Dojo will take the place of our PBIS incentive point system used in the prior years. Parents are encouraged to download the Class Dojo App to receive campus updates, teacher communication, and review Dojo points. Teachers and staff will reward students daily for displaying our campus expectations of: Be safe, Be responsible, Be respectful, and Be resilient with a targeted focus on behavior and attendance. 

Parents, we know that we will not be successful without your support. Please read 10 minutes a day with your child. Studies show that good readers have a greater chance of graduating high school and having a successful career. Continue to follow us on Facebook, Class Dojo, our school’s website…and do not forget to sign up for our PT. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the Month.

Educationally Yours,

Dr. Samantha M. Austin, Principal

Notable Accomplishments and Achievements

B.A. – Elementary Education (Grades 1-8th) -SLU

M. Ed –Educational Leadership –SLU

Masters +30 – SLU

Ed.D. –Educational Leadership – SLU

Teacher Leader

NISL Program Completion

Certified Class Evaluator (Classroom Assessment Scoring System®)

Contact Information

Office: 985-345-2166