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Assistant Principal

Mark Richardson


Dear Parents/Guardians of Nesom Students and Stakeholders,

It is my privilege and honor to serve as assistant principal of Lucille Nesom Memorial School this year.  I have had the pleasure of being an educator for over 22 years with various roles such as classroom teacher, special education inclusion teacher, and Math interventionist.  Those years of experience along with numerous leadership roles and responsibilities have led me to my current role on the administrative team at Nesom.  I’m truly thrilled to be a new member of the Nesom tribe.

The motto of our school is “learning today….leading tomorrow”. The achievements and accomplishments of the teachers and students at Nesom School not only impact our families but our entire community.  As Nesom produces students that can read and write effectively, critically think for themselves, and work diligently through difficult tasks, our area will gain hard working, educated, and intrinsically motivated teenagers and adults.  My goal is that each student at Nesom will not just say, but believe the student affirmation for our school, “I am bright!  I am brilliant!  I matter and what I have to offer this world matters!”

Communication this school year will be vital for our student’s success.  Routine communication will help build positive and meaningful relationships, hold students more accountable for their academic and behavioral actions, and motivate students to meet and surpass the high standards and goals set in each classroom.  My goal is for communication with parents to change from a dreaded occurrence to an anticipated time of reflection and encouragement.  With your support, I’m confident our students will begin to take ownership of their education.  

I’m excited to be a part of the Nesom team.  If you need any assistance on your child’s journey to academic success, please contact me.  My hope is that students, teachers, faculty, staff, parents, and stakeholders will align with our district goal of being “Committed to Excellence!”


Mark Richardson, M.Ed

Assistant Principal

Contact Information

Office: 985-345-2166